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with this exciting children's book! The catchy rhymes and colorful illustrations in Drones, Drones, Everywhere! are a delight for all ages. Discover how the incredible technology of drones makes our world a better place.

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About the authors

Ashlee Cooper, MLS (ASCP) is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Part 107 Remote Pilot with an small uncrewed aircraft system rating, safety team representative, and drone pro. Pilot Cooper is a PA Drone Association Board of Director member. Her background is in molecular microbiology and STEM education. Also she is the founder and CEO of Droneversity, and she is earning her private pilot license. She also the creative behind the digital illustrations in Drones, Drones, Everywhere!

Faye Paige Edwards, MBA is an FAA Part 107 certified remote pilot with an extended history as an entrepreneur and social justice activist. As the Solutionist for Droneversity, she designs curriculum and marketing materials. She is also a Droneversity lead instructor.

Praise for

Ashlee Cooper and Faye Paige Edwards have curated a literature experience relatable to children and adults worldwide. The illustrations and rhythmic language of Drones, Drones, Everywhere! puts STEM at the fingertips of all who read it. Diverse drone solutions are vividly illuminated and stimulate imagination and participation in global leadership through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This book is a powerful tool of inspiration and instruction for the children of the 21st century. 
Dr. Jenai righter Ed.d
Drones, Drones, Everywhere! is wonderfully written. I am absolutely blown away that Little Savannah skillfully teaches her friends to fly drones. The book demonstrates many uses of drones and the illustrator brings drones to life using realistic depictions of a diverse community! As the director of a public library, I certainly recommend this children's book.

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