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We are creating drone industry leaders who will:
  • Bring innovation
  • Grow the market
  • Increase public safety
  • and encourage acceptance of drone applications

Droneversity’s students have a 100% pass rate for the FAA Part 107 exam.

Meet our founder

Ashlee Cooper, MLS(ASCP) aka Drone Boss Lady is the President of Droneversity. 

Ms. Cooper's success as a molecular microbiology scientist prepared her for success in the drone industry. She has more than 10 years of experience as a STEM educator, curriculum developer, and certified clinical laboratory scientist. Her career in academia includes training medical residents to managing, designing, and instructing STEM labs at post-secondary institutions. She served on the campus safety board as the Chemical Hygiene Officer, as well as set on the Science Olympiad board and many educational tasks force.

Becoming a Part 107 pilot presented life-changing opportunities. Ms. Cooper's drone-industry credentials include certification as a Remote pilot with an sUAS rating, PA drone association board member, Federal Aviation Administration, Safety Team representative, and the first Black female FAA DronePro in the U.S. North East region. She has developed STEAM-aviation training for multiple organizations.

She founded Drone Navigations LLC and  Droneversity with the mission to continue the Black aviation legacy in the drone revolution. Her drone instruction started with teacher her now 4 years old to fly drones by coding.
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Highly qualified professionals, widely acknowledged in their field.

Faye Paige Edwards

Vice President 

Neferteri Strickland

Dean of Ed

Dr. Je'Nai Righter, ED

Dean of Student Affairs

Eno Umoh

Dean of UAS

LaRon McLean

Dean of Safety 

Kent Tribbett

Lead Flight Instructor

Linda Watson

Tech Advisor

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